Letters to the Editor  

Posted on Fri, Mar. 21, 2008



The candidate and the pastor

On Wednesday's fifth anniversary of President Bush's blunder in invading Iraq, I read the letters about Obama's relationship with his pastor.

I've had friendships with conservatives, some for 50 years, and they irritate me greatly when we talk of politics. Do I end my friendship with them? How about my Sunday School class, which has in it some real boneheads with whom I disagree? Should I give up my friendships there? Should they give up their friendship with me?

I like my senior pastor, but I don't agree with everything in his sermons. Should I quit my church of many years?

This is nothing but nit-picking of a man who some don't like and won't ever like. Next week, it'll be something else. Some folks won't be happy until we have one President Bush after another and America has been dragged down to the level of an idiocracy.

Obama's candidacy is a fortuitous happening of God giving us leadership that meets the needs of America at just the right moment in history.

-- David Perkins, Fort Worth