Misunderstanding liberal Christianity

I’m a liberal Christian evangelist. I know of no other way than to follow Jesus Christ with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. I don’t understand conservative Christian thinking that limits helping the “least of these.”

When Cal Thomas said “the evangelical left see government, not individuals or the church, as the instrument by which the commands of Jesus are implemented,” he shows his lack of understanding of liberal Christian belief. (See: “The forum at Saddleback Church shows that political discourse can be civil,” Aug. 20)

Government is but one way to help those in need. When allied with the individual and the church, helping others then becomes a powerful force of love and goodness for Christ.

When letter writer Roger Latham equates liberal Christianity with communism, he demonstrates ignorance on the part of the “religious right.” (See: “Marx loved his java,” Aug. 20)

It is by God’s grace and blessings that we have any worldly wealth at all, not “the fruits of one man’s labor.”

When Latham said “for the purpose of redistribution to anyone,” he should have added “to anyone who Christ has said was the least of these; those poor, those hungry, those sick.”

My prayer has always been for greater understanding of Christ’s good news.

It is harsh in its simplicity: love others, give freely and worship God.

— David Perkins, Fort Worth