At The Jesus Christ Said Ministries we believe:

" God, The Father, and Jesus Christ, The Son, and the Holy Spirit are one and the same, three
manifestations of the Supreme Being.
" The Bible was inspired by God and written by men and women who did not have the ability on their
own to write the Bible.
" The Bible is the word of God and as such is as alive and fresh and relevant today as the day it was
originally written.
" Jesus Christ is God made flesh.
" Jesus Christ was fully human and fully God.
" Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, crucified, dead and buried. On the third day, Easter morning, Jesus
Christ was resurrected from the dead and today is in Heaven awaiting his return to Earth.
" Jesus Christ did many miracles while on Earth as revealed in the Bible.
" All men and women are sinners and must be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, and, through
God's Grace, we will be forgiven.
"In Life eternal through Jesus Christ.
" The words of Jesus Christ should be listened to and followed by all men and women every where on
" All Christian churches, including protestant and catholic, are but different doors to the same room
where Jesus Christ leads us to Heaven.
" Our life on Earth should reflect the mercy, goodness and generosity of God as revealed in the words of
Jesus Christ.
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